Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do You Believe?

I was just watching a television show on UFOs with my significant other, mostly because she's fond of them and I'm fond of her. But one of the commentaries drove me off of the sofa and in here to the keyboard, because there is something about you humans I really don't understand. In nearly every program there are "experts" whose mission is to convince those who want to believe Earth is being visited by aliens that they are really suffering from some other, more "logical" physical or psychological malady -- like sleep paralysis, mass hysteria, or even a modern religious crisis that has believers turning from the traditional deities to ET.

I'm flattered by the latter, of course, but I think these scholars are missing the point. Why isn't someone asking why a human wouldn't want to believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life? Is it simply fear of the unknown? Just a few hundred years ago, explorers took to the sea in boats which now look incredibly fragile and they did it even though they suspected they risked being eaten by sea monsters or falling off the edge of the Earth. Today, more people know more about this planet, and each other, than ever before, and seem more risk-adverse than ever. Has humanity as a whole lost its willingness to go where there might be monsters? Or am I the one who's missing the point?


  1. Only INTELLIGENT human beings "get it", Curious Alien...and that variety may not be so very common on TV shows. :}

    Thanks for the post!

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  2. This doesn't have to do with the topic at hand, but I must say that it amused me to no end when I followed this blog and it said, "You are now following a curious alien."

    Hehe. I was taken back to the days of text games.

  3. IQXS, you are absolutely right. I am watching entirely too much television.

  4. You gave me a chuckle, too, JM. I hadn't noticed that. Also reminds me of an old movie I saw some time back, where the very proper butler invites a guest in by saying "Walk this way", and the man behind him does, exactly.