Friday, February 20, 2009

We're At ConDFW VIII This Weekend!

My writer, Barbara Romo, will be at ConDFW VIII, a science-fiction and fantasy event this weekend in Dallas, Texas, with copies of our book Undercover Alien to sell and sign. We'll be joined by Sherri Godsey, the scribe for Galvistor the Dragon, with her new book The Dragon's Veil.

The convention starts today and goes through Sunday afternoon. My significant other and I will be wandering around enjoying ourselves, and there's a lot to enjoy ~ a multitude of reading, writing and art-related workshops, chats with famous authors, contests, movies, a vendor's room (where my book will be!), an art gallery, movies, and, of course, filk!

Click on the ConDFW VIII icon to go to their website for information, and come join us!

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