Monday, February 9, 2009

Writing Science Fiction and "Inventing Reality" by Rob Bignell

My writer was not happy with me this weekend. Apparently I am spending too much time surfing the Internet and not enough time helping her with our current project, a book to follow Undercover Alien, which is so overdue to the editor that she is not amused (the writer, although probably the editor as well). So I am posting on writing today, briefly and succinctly so as to allow her a chance back at the computer as well as to let her know I really do know what's important in this relationship of ours.

Specifically, she discovered a writing site a few days ago. Created by a talented writer named Rob Bignell, Inventing Reality is a one-stop-shop to introduce the beginning science-fiction writer to the basics of writing fiction, and a good refresher for the more experienced writer of the elements about which one is never too old to be reminded. My writer is more of the romance writing sort, rather than science-fiction, but she insists the basics are the same no matter the genre.

So if you're writing, thinking about writing, or just trying to figure out what writing is, head over to Inventing Realty. The link is to the right under "favorite sites" as well as embedded in the title to this post.

There, Ms. Romo. I'm done. You can have the computer back now.

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