Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is This A Good Idea?

RAF Pilots Ordered to Shoot Down UFOs
Does anyone else think shooting at UFOs might be a bad idea?


  1. Ok seriously, did anyone not watch Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks!? Just kidding.

    Why does it seem like we (humans) have to constantly assert ourselves even when there is no real threat at hand? I mean is it that important that we show our brass **** first? What about peace, love, happiness? Obviously you know where I stand on this great to shoot or not to shoot debate!

  2. Shooting down aliens is a very bad idea!

    After all, I think there are probably lots of different worlds out there and probably many much more evolved than we are.


  3. Imagine a technology hundreds of thousands if not millions of years older than ours. If aliens are capable of traveling such great distances, they're capable of taking us out in one fell swoop, which they would have already done if that was their plan. So no, it would be a crazy idea.

    Then again, if it were a UFO as in large pieces of space junk then I'm all for it because it's inevitable that NASA and/or the ESA are going to end up killing someone. They know when their larger pieces of space junk are due to fall too, especially satellites. Instead, we watch them on YouTube and just consider that many were lucky because nobody was killed - that time.

    Below is one of the smallest items I've seen that has fallen on private property that didn't burn up. They could blast those if they like so that it breaks up into smaller particles. This is my favorite piece of space junk that landed on private property.

    I don't remember the weight but it's very heavy.

  4. Ouch-I certainly would not want whatever that is coming down on my head. You're right, it's amazing more humans aren't injured by falling satellite debris. Okay to blow THAT up - just make sure it doesn't change course first...